Citing a corrected article?

Dear all,

I am quite new to Endnote and would like to cite a corrected article.

Instead of having (Smith 1999a; Smith 1999b) in the text and having two references, I was thinking about having just (Smith 1999) and as reference Smith, P. 1999. Why?, Questions 6(1), 4-11; corrected in: 6(3).

How could this be done with Endnote X6? Thank you very much in advance.

I would have one citation/record for this and include the additional information, formated as you want it, in a custom field which you include in the Bibliography or Footnote template for that ref type.

If the custom field were called, for example, Correction, you would add the following to the template where the * is a “link adjacent” symbol from the insert field dropdown in the edit style facility.  |;*Correction|

You add the custom name “Correction” in the edit>preferences>ref types, modify and choose the ref type this will be applied to.  and pick a currently blank field and type in the word “Correction”.  This will now also appear in the record list when you don’t hide empty fields.  

Thanks a lot, Leanne.