Problem with “book section”.

Hi community;

First, sorry for my bad English. I’m using Endnote X7 for OS X. I have to write a paper for a German Institute with a very exotic but detailed indicated form of citation. So I’ve created a new Style.

I want to cite four chapters from one book, written by different authors with one editor. In keeping with the rules, I have to cite in the footnotes:

Author- title of book- sites.

In the Bibliography there have to be just one entry:

Editor- title of book- Year- Place published.

So I’m using “book section”. And create a reverence for each chapter. But now Endnote creates a new entry for each chapter in the bibliography. I’m quite sure that the last time using “book section” with the Harvard Style, the cited book appears just one time in the bibliography. I checked the four reverences and all information (title of book, editor, year, place published) are equal, of course not the authors names.

I’ve tried everything the last night, but it doesn’t work. If I put the authors name in the editor field and the editor name in the publisher field it works. But than the author field is empty. Working in group, this is no solution.

Do I use the right type of reverence? Or filed the fields wrong? Perhaps the problem is that I have to cite the title of book in the footnotes and not the title of the chapter… Or am I just stupid? :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for any kind of help.

It is usual for each chapter to get its own reference in the list.  That is the way most publishers would expect them to be listed and the industry standard.  I am not sure there is a way to achieve what you are hoping to.  Otherwise you remove field codes from the citations in the footnotes at the end, and insert the book as a citation in the text and it will appear as a hidden citation and show in bibliography only and the chapters will disappear from the bibliography.  Someone else may have a better work around.