EndNoteX9- How to cite book chapters in the footnotes but whole book in the bibliography

I am using an edited book which has multiple chapters written by different authors. In the footnotes, I want to cite them as “book sections” but I dont want each section in the bibliography at the end, I just want the whole book. 

How can I do this with EndNote? 

I have tried just citing the whole book and then adding the data in the “prefix” section of “Edit & manage citations”, but this is time consuming and when I do this, EndNote always populates the full citation for secondary citings which is a bit unnecessary. 
By this I mean when referring to the chapter the second time I would normally just write “Smith, ‘How to write’, 33.” Rather than “Smith, ‘How to write’, in Jane Doe _Writing and Other Skills, _33.” 

So I feel that entering my chapters as “book sections” in EndNote is the best solution, but I dont want them all separate in the bibliography. Is there a way to override the automatic bibliography? 

Hope this question is clear. 
Thank you, 

Not to my knowledge.  

But  for my 2 cent opinion, 

If I were looking for a citation, which is listed by the chapter author in the footnote, I am not sure I would ever look in the bibliography itself under the book editor, so I wouldn’t think that option would be a good one to impliment, especially when cited a second time?