citing comments from a meeting

I often attend public meetings of the FDA’s advisory committees and take notes of discussion points made spontaneously by committee members. I would like to cite these but don’t know how. They are not exactly “personal communications” since they were made at public fora to which I am a member of the listening audience. These comments do not always appear in the meeting’'s transcript released weeks after the actual meeting. In some cases, remarks may be “revised” after the fact by members who are asked to “approve” their literal statements. Thank you!

You didn’t mention the style format you’re using but have you considered building around the APA format for meetings, symposia, and conference proceedings?

A general APA format provides information such as: Author, Year, Title, Conference Name, Location.  An example is shown below:

Wolcott, L. L. (1998). Faculty issues pertaining to institutional support and reward and practices. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Diego, CA.

This concept could be applied to your FDA meetings in two variations: one which directly cites the committee member, or the second citing you as the “reporter”.  So for example:

Committee member. (Date of meeting). Comment made during public meeting of [Name of FDA advisory commitee] on [Insert title of meeting]. Comment pre-dates formal release of the final transcript.[ID no.]  Washington, D.C.


Reporter/Your Name. (Date of meeting). Notes taken at the public meeting of  the [Name of FDA advisory commitee] on [Insert title of meeting]. Content pre-dates formal release of the final transcript.[ID no, on Date].  Washington, D.C: Reporter/Your Name.

Personal observation: Using the latter  format seems to be a more responsible way to document and cite  the material as you’re the person recording/interpreting the committee member’s remarks.