Quoting from books_Endnote 7


I’m posting this message on behalf of my father. 

Within a document which he is creating, he wants to reference multiple different pages from the same book.  For example:

Paragraph 1

Smith and Jones et al 2004 page 10

Paragraph 2

Smith and Jones et al 2004 page 400

Paragraph 3

Smith and Jones et al 2004 page 402

Is there an easy way to cite the book without the full reference details  (authors, book title, published date, published city etc) appearing multiple times in the bibliography with the individual entries differing only the page number.  My father needs to keep his word count down and the bibliography is included in this count.

Thanks for your advice.

I’m a scientist so usually cite refereed journal articles only - not text books.

My recollection of EndNote 7 is a bit fuzzy but if he uses EndNote’s “Edit Citation” he’ll be able to edit the original citation to “add-on” a “Suffix” which would be the “page xx”.  So there will be just one reference in the bibliography (and the EndNote library) but the various citations of this reference within the document may be edited individually to indicate different page numbers.

In the document, put the cursor on the citation to be edited, go to the MS Word toolbar and select Edit Citation which will cause a dialog box to pop-up onscreen.  Locate the “Suffix” field then type one blank space followed by page and number.  (The blank space is needed to separate the year’s last digit and the letter “p” (page).

Thanks for this solution.  Sorry, I’ve just found out it’s version 9 not 7.  Do you think this solution will still work? I’ll try tomorrow (via Logmein as he’s in another country).

yes, it works in ver 9 too.

Thank you Leanne and CrazyGecko.  Worked fine.