COM exception error when using a special character


I am trying to add a citation to my word document that contains a special character in the author’s name. The citation should be: 

Stanković, 1960

It works perfectly if I replace the ć with a c within the EndNote reference. In fact, it also works if I experiment with the special character and try inserting é instead of ć. But if I leave the ć in, it inserts the reference but does not create a hyperlink or apply the link style as it does usually when I insert other references. In addition, when I try to add more citations to the document after this one, I recieve the following error message and the new citation is inserted as an unformatted citation:

A COM exception has occurred.

Command failed

Does anyone know how I can include the ć in the author’s name? Any help would be really appreciated! I am using EndNote X9 on macOS Catalina and have inserted the ć into the EndNote reference by first inserting it in word and then copying and pasting into EndNote.

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It may be something to do with the mac – on my windows machine (at home I still have X8), I copied your author to create a dummy record and didn’t have any problems in using it in a document. Can you convert to “unformated citations” ? if so what does the temporary citation look like?