Combining Citations

I want my in-text citations to show up as [32-38], but that only happens if I select all of them in the endnote library at one time. When I write, I think of something, then reference it immediately, so I often have multiple citations added at differnt times. When in ACD or numbering format, it gives 32,33,34,36,37,28, instead of [32-38]. How can I fix this?


In addition, as peptide purity is inversely related to length, a peptide of this length was deemed to have an acceptable crude purity level [27] [28-30] [20].

CHCA was chosen as it is one of the most commonly used matrices for MALDI-TOF peptide characterization [31] [32] [33, 34] [35].

I want it as CHCA was chosen as it is one of the most commonly used matrices for MALDI-TOF peptide characterization [31-35]

Help! Thanks

You need to not have the space between your individual inserted citations.  

For existing citaions, you can try to carefully delete the space in the case of the formatted citations, but you run the risk of accidentally corrupting the field.  AND, that is a pain if there are alot of them anyway, and my preferred method would be to convert to temporary citations (convert to unformatted citations in the covert dropdown on the Endnote ribbon in word) and then search and replace } { with }{.  Then reformat and make sure CWYW is on again (turn instant formating “on”, on the endnote ribbon in word)

When I insert an Endnote reference by inserting from endnote with the little red curved down arrow on the Endnote program toolbar, it doesn’t insert a space, I I prefer to use that tool.

But if you prefer the keyboard shortcuts,  ctrl+C and ctrl+V to insert the citation from endnote into a document, Words, “smart cut and paste” options (in Word 2010, File, Options, Advanced, last setting in Cut, copy, paste, “settings”  the first one, “Adjust sentence and word spacing automatically”) forces an automatic space to be inserted.  You can turn that off if it isn’t useful to you in other cut paste situations.  Usually spell check will alert me if a space is needed. 

Thank you very much!


I have similar but more complex problem. My Endnote group all the references under one number. For example, I want to cite references 2,3,4,5,6,7 but EndNote puts all the references under 2. And then I have a mess at my references section and also in the text.

Can anyone help me? It is really urgent, I need to hand out my paper tomorrow and I just encounted this problem in the middle of my work. At the beggining it was ok, but then at the end it is all messed up.

Thanks for your help!

This is dictated by the output style.  Which one are you using in the word processed document.