How to remove space between citation

Dear End Note community,

I’ve got a problem with unwanted spaces in my citation: 

It’s looks likes this:

"in experimental, (2, 8, 10, 15) "

Note: numbers are as a upper index originaly

And what I want is this:

 "in experimental,2,8,10,15 "

So I don’t want any space, between the numbering. I try to change everything in edit/output style/ output manager/

and than in “numbering” but there is no option for formatting this kind style citation…

Please, if anybody know how to around this it will helps me a lot!

Thank you in advance


Edit the box with the comma in the output style - citation template to remove the “invisible” space following the comma.  See image attached 

added in edit (save as to a new name and remember to change the style to the new name in the document on then endnote ribbon or in Word’s – endnote tool’s edit bibliography menu)