how to restart footnotes at each chapter, so that books are fully referenced (not short form)

I wrote several chapters in separate Word documents, using Endnote X to add citations to the footnote. Now I have combined the chapters into one document.

I have renumbered the footnotes with each chapter. But I can’t figure out how to get them to really act like new.

For example, if I cite “This is a Long Book Title: You Really Want to Read It” (Publisher, etc), in chapter 1, how do I get it to show up the same way in Chapter 2–not as just the shortened form of the title, “Long Book Title”? I do want to continue to use the short titles for subsequent references *within each chapter.*

I would like each chapter to be able to stand alone if needed. For this reason, I don’t want to begin with short titles of books in new chapters.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks for your help!

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With X (and possibly even with X3), the best way to do this, is to unlink the endnote fields prior to combining the documents. 

Thanks! I have already combined the documents, though, and done a good bit of work on the combined file…

so you want them numbered consecutively (i.e. chapter 2 starts with 22, if the last chapter’s last footnote was 21? or start over?  If the former, I don’t think there is anyway for endnote to know that 22, is in a new chapter and needs to be referenced in full…

If the numbers start over, what I would do, is just before submission, I would format it, then starting with the first chapter, unlink the fields in the first chapter (select the first chapter and ctrl+shift F9) and then reformat the book.  Now do that with chapter 2 and reformat, until you finish with the last chapter. 

that might not be what you want either though. 

oh–great idea! thank you!