Comma before et al when disambiguating

I am using Endnote 20 and a custom style.

I have two references: Smith, Jones, Wilson, Lee & Kelly 2021 and Smith, Jones, Fredericks, Kelly & Nguyen 2021. I want them to display like this: (Smith, Jones, Wilson et al. 2021) and (Smith, Jones, Fredericks et al. 2021).

In my custom style, I ticked the box ‘Add more authors until the citation is unique’ in the section on differentiating ambiguous citations.

It displays like this: (Smith, Jones, Wilson, et al. 2021) and (Smith, Jones, Fredericks, et al. 2021).

How do I get rid of the comma? I do not have a comma before et al in the Abbreviated Author List section. All the other et al.s in the document display without a comma just fine.

Grateful for any suggestions - I’m a new user. Thanks!