Compatibility between Endotes X7 and Wordperfect 17

Hi all,

I’ve been perusing the various links to find out if Endnotes X7 and Wp 17 are compatible butI can’t find anything.

So is it possible for WP and Endotes to integrate with each other?



You would need to insert the temporary citations and save as RTF and format from Endnote.  There is no Cite While You Write addin for Wordperfect.   See  for compatibility tables.  


Thanks. I took a look at theuser guideI downloaded from the site but I was surprised that there was no chapter devoted to scan to RTF.

Could you ask the documentation staff to include that feature in the user manual?

Also does the company’s Youtube page have a video on how to use  scan to RTF?

Thanks again!


The online user guides are no longer comprehensive.  I too miss a single PDF with all the information that is available from the “Help” menu in the program.  I guess they just get tired of having to update a single resource.  

In the program if you go to Help, and onto the “index” tab and type “Format Paper”  (without the ") and double click on that you will get two options (at least in 7.2 - although my help dialog when I open it still says 7.1 Help)  the first one spells things out – it is really hard to navigat to find it otherwise though.  Googling “Basic Instructions (Format Paper)”  will find you a X4 version, and these instructions haven’t changed since early days.  

I agree navigating the full documentation is tedious at best and impossible to find things at worst.  If the knowledge base articles had this detailed info, it would help too.  

Thanks I haven’t installed Endnotes as I’m still evaluating if it fits my needs.
I’ll google the X4 document and download it
Thanks again!