Compressing EndNote libraries and related issues

Hi there!

I’ve had a hiccup while compressing my EndNote library - maybe someone can help me?

I compressed the entire library “with file attachments” in the hopes that this would allow me to transfer all entries and PDFs to a colleague. Unfortunately, I am unable to open any PDFs anymore (the PDF file has been mysteriously deleted from my .DATA folder) and the compression also seems to have deleted my “My Groups” within the library.

Does anyone know whether the PDFs or My Groups can be re-established? The PDFs are the real critical issue for me. Or perhaps any ideas on what went wrong during the compression?



I certainly can’t put my finger on anything that compressing the library should have done unless you named the enlx wrong, or your PDFs were linked somewhere else rather than in the relative position.  Did you reopen the compressed enlx on top of your own library in its usual location?  That still should be okay.  Have you tried openning that file somewhere else?  – high up in a folder structure, and not buried deep, (so that file name length is not an issue).