confusion with Outlook

every time i try to open an outlook attachment  endnote opens and tries to cite a reference

i close it down and am able to edit document.?

any fixes for this   using endnote 7.3 and outlook 2013

odd.  Maybe turn off auto open endnote in cwyw preferences in word.  I don’t have it happen though.  I have office 2013, endnote x7. 3.01 on windows and that never happens.  Mind you I usually have CWYW off in word.  

You can turn off “suggest formaint with Endnote’s Cite While you Write/add-in if the document type is supported.” in preferences, formatting options     

What type of Outlook file attachment is activating EndNote - PDF or MS Word? Regardless of the file type it’s likely that the default program setting for opening that file was changed so EndNote is now activated instead of the appropriate software program (i.e., Acrobat or MS Word).

You can check/change the default setting by performing the following steps. (Instructions are based on opening a PDF file attachment but also apply to MS Word and other file types.)

  1. Copy a PDF file onto your desktop. Place your cursor on the file. Then right-click to bring up the submenu and select Open with > Choose default program. (Refer to attached image.)

  2. (Refer to attached image.) In the “Open with” pop-up dialog box, select the program you want to open PDF files. (This example shows selection of the Acrobat program but you might select the Acrobat Reader.) Also, check the box saying “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file”. If the program you want is not shown then click the Browse button to locate and select the program. Click the OK button to exit when done.