Connections not working in X4

I’m using X4.0.2 and cannot connect to any connections in the connections manager. I’ve updated the connections I’m interested in using (Library of Congress). I’m using my personal laptop on a home network. Everytime I connect, I’ve tried at different times throughout the day and get the message, “gave up waiting for host to respond.” Any suggestions on what to check to get this working again?

I’ve also added rules to Windows Firewall to be sure to allow outbound connections from Endnote. Any suggestions?

When you receive a message that EndNote gave up waiting for the host to respond, it is an indication that EndNote is still blocked.

Just setting a rule is probably not enough to allow EndNote to communicate  through your personal firewall.

It is better to create an exception to allow EndNote to communicate through the Windows Firewall. You also want to make sure that the firewall is set to allow exceptions.

The exact steps for configuring the Windows Firewall will vary with your version of Windows, but the program for which you want to create an exception is C:\Program Files (X86)\EndNote X4\EndNote.exe or C:\Program Files\EndNote X4\EndNote.exe.