Search problem specific to PubMed (Endnote X1)


I’m using Endnote X1 and can search and download references from pretty much everywhere but Pubmed!

When I do a search, the host connection window briefly appears, and then the window in which I type my search. When I execute the search, it takes an abnormally long time for the search bar to reach the end, and when it does it just sits there, nothing happens (it stays instead of disappearing and letting me know the number of references found etc…).

It does work perfectly when I search elsewhere.

Anybody has an idea about what I could do to solve this?

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Firewall/Proxys can interfer with PubMed Connections.  I know that at some point, I needed to ask our IT people to “open up” PubMed connections site wide. They seemed okay with it, because it was a reputable/known site. We now have a new proxy system and this no longer seems necessary for us. 

This from SearchOnlineResurces.pdf on the endnote support site:

EndNote Connection Files and Firewalls/Proxy Servers

EndNote connection files using the z39.50 protocol (all except the PubMed and ISI Web of Science connection files) may not work through a firewall. This includes so-called “invisible” firewalls. If you are unable to connect to a database that you believe you should have access to, check with your network administrator and ask if your institution has a firewall. The PubMed and ISI Web of Science connection files are able to connect through most proxy servers if the proxy settings are set up in the computer’s Internet Options. See your operating system’s Help files for information on setting up proxy server settings in Internet Options or contact your network administrator.


sorry for my late answer. Good point, that would explain why the other connections are working.

I’m gonna see if there’s a way to configure my firewall.

Thank you very much, and happy holidays :slight_smile: