Consecutive Citation in Footnote with Author (Year) - Chicago Style


I am using Chicago Style.  

When I add a citation that has been already cited elsewhere in my Word document, the entry is only the last name of the author.  For many authors in my article, there are multiple references that this one name could represent.  Sometimes I am comparing two editions of the same book.

For instance,

The first time I cite a book

Kahn, Douglas.  Earth Sound, Earth Signal: Energies and Earth Magnitude in the Arts.  (Berkeley: University of California, 2013), 6.

The second time I cite

Kahn, 13.

I would like to see , for instance,

Kahn (2013), 13.

So it is not confused with other publications by Douglas Kahn.

I have tried many things, but I cannot figure out how to do this.  Some authors have up to five publications, so the reader has no understanding of which publications is referred to by the last name only.

Thank you for suggestions


I think it should be using the short style from the footnote templates, which you can ask to include anything you want?  Can you attach the actual footnote chicago style output style you are using?