Consecutive citations with separate brackets


I want to change my citations: from three citations between 1 pair of brackets to three separate citations each with brackets. Is this possible? For example: my current format is (Johnson et al., 2009; Brown et al, 2010; Reeves et al., 2011). I want to change it to (Johnson et al., 2009) (Brown et al, 2010) (Reeves et al., 2011).

The reason I want to change this is that I have included my references in a table. However, I would like to change the brackets from (Johnson et al. 2009) to Johnson et al. (2009). A way of doing this is to exclude the author, so that only the year of each citation will have brackets. However, when different citations are within one pair of brackets this will not work, it will show like this: (2009; 2010; 2011). This way I cannot connect the authors to the references. Is it possible to separate the different references? Otherwise I will have to re-do all my work and insert all citations again (making sure there is a space between the reference)……