remove brackets


I use an output style displaying brackets around author name and year, in full text. How can I remove a part of the bracket, and replace with “;”, when I want to cite several articles after each other?

Thank you

/Marie E

If the two citations are entered with no space between them, they should combine when the citations are updated into one, most likely with a semi-colon separating them. 

Excellent, this worked out well. Except no semi-colon - I had to add this in “edit style”. 

Thank you!

Which style are you using in your manuscript?  Have you tried Cell?  That will have a semi-colon.  I note that Author, Date has a comma. 

If you have other constraints, in Endnote, Edit> Output styles> edit “style-in-question”   then go to citation:template and there is a place (circled in attached snip) to put the character you wish to separate the citations in a group.  If you want a space following the semi-colon, be sure to type in a space after the character. 

Save the output style “save as” to a new name.  Then in the manuscript Endnote ribbon, change the style to this newly edited version.