Continuous sync crash issues

Dear EndNote specialists, 

I have a rather large library with 7000 references, 2000 pdf’s

I have experienced now several times that syncing against EndNote Web goes haywire. Right now, my primary iMac syncs fine, but my two “slave-computers”, another iMac and a MacBook 2016, both have EndNote crashing the moment I try to sync. 

Earlier, the support team would instruct me to send crash log-files, their support team would analyze them and come back with an answer which PDF had become corrupt causing crashes. Simply removing this pdf from EndNote Web would remedy the problems. 

For some reason, the support team has been sitting on this now for over a month. 

Have any of you experienced similar problems with the otherwise excellent EndNote support? Is it because Clarivate took over?

Looking forward to your comments and experiences,


Niels Christian Hvidt

University of Southern Denmark 

I have had similar problems with a cloud library that I am sharing with co-workers using the latest version of EndNote and Mac OS X:

EndNote X8.0.1 (Bld 12636)

macOS Sierra Version 10.12.5

While my EndNote occasionally crashes, I never had a situation where I could not reconnect.  However several of my co-workers on occasion have not been able to reconnect after adding their own references (the EndNote application immediately crashes on startup).  What they had to do is delete their local copy and recreate a new version by syncing with the cloud.

One possible explanation is duplicate references.  I recently removed duplicate references added by a co-worker from the library (EndNote X8/References/Find Duplicates) and synced the library with the cloud.  Subsequently my co-workers copy of EndNote would crash on opening EndNote. Perhaps EndNote is trying to re-add these already deleted duplicates to the cloud which is causing my co-workers copy of EndNote to crash.

A possible solution is to always run “EndNote X8/References/Find Duplicates” after one adds references to the library.  This will prevent any inconsistencies between the cloud and your local copy.  Running “Find Duplicates” and removing duplicates after adding new references is probably a good thing to do anyway as a good housekeeping practice.