Controlling Bibliographic Line Breaks: non-breaking hyphen

Using full function word processors, pressing “ctrl + shift” with a space or hyphen will create non-breaking hyphens without allowing line breaks.  At the end of a line, the word processor reads the endnote hyphen as something allowing it to break to the next line.  My bibliography is being output with many innapropriate linebreaks-- for instance, splitting consecutive reference number ranges, splitting page ranges, and splitting hyphenated words that should never be separated on consecutive lines.

Is there a way to prevent endnote from breaking at hyphens, since endnote 8 does not have ctrl + shift + - fucntionality? 

Examples of my picky issues follow:

This statement completes here.^17-


instead of

This statement completes


Other annoying breaks include chemical names, such as line breaking after the hyphen in something like



when I would prefer just putting the whole thing on the next line,


or splitting page numbers at the end of a line,



I hate this, page numbers should never be separated.


Any help using endnote to create nonbreaking hyphens will be greatly appreciated!!!

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Every now and again, I do a change text on the whole of my library, on the pages field converting the “-” to an alt+0150 (with num lock on).  This doesn’t seem to work if you try the ctrl+shift hyphen (which inserts a regular space). 

I don’t know if it is safe to do globally on all fields.  Actually, I am hard put to find an example of a hyphen in my library that probably shouldn’t be non-breaking…

I think this used to be documented somewhere, but I find no mention of this in the current help or PDF that comes with EndnoteX2. 

After testing this suggestion, I found that even with the alt-0150 hyphen, Word still does it’s linebreak thing.  Perhaps theres something else I’m missing to make your suggestion work?

After testing, I see you are absolutely correct. en-dash and em-dash ARE breaking characters. My perusal of the internet suggests that Windows using some sort of code only interpretable by MS when you type the shift/crtlplusdash, and I can’t figure out how to insert the U+2011 Unicode character into Endnote, If I copy paste it from Word - where it looks like a space, it comes up as blank. 

Sorry.  Maybe the Endnote developers or Unicode geeks have a suggestion here.    :cry:

Quite all right-- it was worth a shot!  Didn’t know how to put in an em dash anyway

I will simply continue to do this process by hand until a solution is found.