Non-breaking space & hyphen


is there a way to create a non-breaking space and hyphen in the sense, that the Word processor (e.g. Word 2003) does no line break?


P 2-3

might become

P 2-3


P 2- 3

if it’s at the end of a line.

Is there way to insert special characters to prevent this into styles or references?

I have used the “search” and “replace” (change text option under the Edit menu) to put an “em” dash in page numbers (as required by some journals, such as Nature) on the whole library.  But I cut and paste the em dash in from Word, as I can never remember the Unicode/keyboard equivalents (which I looked up and are Alt+0150 en-dash and Alt+0151 em-dash) 

I think if you put in the “link adjacent” character (in your bibliography template) it is the equivalent of a non-breaking space?  and the keyboard equivalent is and the no-break space is Alt 0160. 

BTW- the Alt commands I think require the use of the number pad.  I think there is also a way to generate them on a laptop keyboard too, but I can’t remember how to do that. 

And you can open and use  Windows (and I assume the mac has a similar accessory program) Character map.

Thanks for your quick reply, but that’s not really what I was searching for. I want to prevent unwanted line-breaks in Word, and none of your suggestions do that.

you are correct, and I discovered this once before - but seemed to have forgotten. Sorry for leading you down a garden path!

I usually replace all the regular hyphen to non-breaking hyphen after removing EN field code. I don’t have a situation very often that I want hyphen separated between two lines. So, simply all of my hyphens are non-breaking at the end of editing.

As for the line breaking between p. or pp. and page numbers, I usually say, “let publishing editors take care of it”, meaning I just leave them as they are.

Does this work for you?

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