Convert RefMan travelling library to EndNote travelling library?

I have a word document with citations that were inserted by Reference Manager. I’m not sure what version and I don’t have access to the orginal refman library. I was hoping to convert these to Endnote citations which I could then export to a endnote library.

Basically, I am looking for a way to get these citations easily into my existing Endnote library. I am using Word 2007 and Endnote X2.

Can you export source of references form Refman and import them to Endnote? If you can’t, I guess you are pretty much out of luck…I don’t know how Refman works, but that’s what I thought.

You could import formatted text to Endnote library, and that’s been discussed here and nicely summarized by Leanne:

I don’t know that helps or not in your situation, though.

No I don’t have Refman installed on my computer. I noticed that when I toggled the field codes that the Refman citations looked very similar to those in Endnote. I tried changing a few of the tags (find and replace) such as REFMGR.CITE ->EN.CITE and <Refman> </Refman>-><EndNote></EndNote>. This allowed EndNote to recongnize these citations but the exporting of the travelling library failed. I think there are several other differences in the tags used for the travelling library.

Anyway, I just used HubMed Citation Manager to get references from the bibliography into my EndNote library. Now I just have to go through each citation and add the endote citation and delete the RefMan citation.


I might have tried asking Tech support if they could do a conversion and “rescue” the document and travelling library.  If you unlink the fields, you can try converting the (author et al, year) to {Author, year} and then ask endnote to find the best possible matches.  Search and replace the (space et al, for just the comma.  You would manually have to find any two author papers and fix them. Multiple references would also need to be tweaked to be separated by a semi-colon.  Usually this is faster than going thru a manuscript one by one though.