Endnote for Mac - Converting documents with RefMan citations


I have recently migrated my reference database from Reference Manager to Endnote, however, have a few documents that have RefMan in-text citations. They look “fine” but they don’t behave like Endnote citations (e.g. at the end of the document I ended up with two reference lists - one with the old RefMan citations, and one with the citations I later added through Endnote).

I’m interested in how one might convert RefMan citations into Endnote ones (before I start doing it manually). I found lots of advice on how to do this in Windows, which suggests there is a button within the Endnote section of the Word ribbon. However, in the Mac version of Word/Endnote I simply can’t see that option. In Tools I only get  the options to convert to unformatted citations, and to convert to plain text.

Has anyone managed to discover a way to do this?

Thank you


EndNote on the MAC does not have the feature to convert a Reference Manager Word document you would need access to a PC with either EndNote or Reference Manager or both installed in order to go through the conversion process which can find on our website here.


Thank you for the source :slight_smile: