Need help converting RefMan references in old Word doc to Endnote without RefMan library


I am in a bit of trouble. I inherited a Word document created in 2014 with references done in Reference Manager (as I found out by toggling the field codes). I have no access to the RefMan library that was used to create this bibliography. 

I use Endnote X8 currently. Is there any way I can export the RefMan bibliography from that old file to a new Endnote library? THAT, I believe, will help me convert the RefMan citations to Endnote citations. (Export traveling library option is not working, since Endnote X8 is not recognizing the RefMan bibliography as a traveling library in the document.)

Can some kind soul please help me find a way to do this? Thanks so much in advance.


Please contact Technical Support.

We have access to Reference Manager which can be used to try to help with the converting process as described on our website:

Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


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Thank you, Martin. I contacted Technical Support and they are helping me with the document. Your suggestion is much appreciated.