Converting a word document formatted using refman 12 to endnote

Have been trying to follow the instructions on Managed to import the ref man database into endnote, sort it using RIS_sort (which I downloaded), but was stuck at the final step (converting the citations in the word document from ref man citations to endnote ones). The ref man style named “refman to endnote.os” is no where to be found (in my ref man 12 styles, on the ref man style download or any where else as far as I could tell). Anyone knows where to download this style? Now into some ranting: Why is it that I have to go through 10 steps just to convert a word document formatted in ref man to a one formatted in endnote? The two products are essentially the same and owned and developed by the same (inept) company!! You would think that by version 14, endnote would be able to automatically convert a word document formatted in ref man. I am sure that will be (the only) feature in endnote 19.