Converting crosslinked references from a pdf file to endnote

Hi, I have a large pdf file that is the proof for my manuscript which was of course formerly a word document with endnote references. The problem is the references in the pdf proof (total over 1500 ref., numbered) have been messed up somehow with the back and forth correction of the proof on the journal part. Is there a method to convert all the now crosslinked references from the pdf proof file to endnote again so that I can check and correct? I tried to export the pdf file to word but the references are all gone and not recongnized by endnote.
I hope you can help me solve this problem without having to go manually to each single reference in the pdf to correct it.
Thanks in advance!

I think you are stuck, as the conversion will have striped Endnote fields which are only in the word version. – Numbered huh? Sometimes there are tricks to get endnote to find the citations, but 1500 is a lot of references to contend with! I have converted numbers to be recognized as labels, but you would still have to put 1500 numbers into your library into the labels field. Can the editor’s/publisher’s software not adjust it? It is a problem from reference 100 onward, or 1300 onward? You also might reach out to endnote support staff to see if they can see a solution.

Finally, one other trick is to convert it to a word document and compare it to the most recent endnoted version (after converting it to temporary unformatted citations, not plain text) and then carefully go thru it and reject the changes associated with the endnoted citations, but accept all the textual corrections from the proof. – adding in any new citation if needed? A bit faster than searching for each of the citations and finding them and inserting them manually.

Dear Leanne,
Thanks for your helpful reply. I have tried to insert them manually again since the problem starts after 100 references and no, the journal was not able to help. I can also give your second suggestion (convert the pdf to word etc.) a try and hope this will speed up the process.
Much obliged for your help!!