Relinking EndNote to article

How do I relink EndNote to the references in an article, after it has been returned by an editor?  I have an article with 60 references, which I submitted to a journal.  The editors require revisions, some of which will effect the bibliography.  Therefore, I want to use EndNote to continue to manage the references, but it does not recognize either the citations in the body of the paper, nor the reference list at the end.


Well, that depends. Not very nice of them to wipe the endnote fields. What format did they send it back to you?  How many changes did they make, and are they tracked in some way? 

Even if they aren’t tracked, If they sent it back as a word document, in Word, you could tools>compare and merge an unformated (curly bracketed) version from the backup of the version you sent, to the editors and it will show the changes.  then you need to go thru.  I think that if you format that, it doesn’t track the endnote field conversion.  Then accept (or reject, which every way round it was that your did the compare) the editors changes (if you approve of them!). 

If as a PDF version, it may be possible to convert it back to a word document and try the compare then, but the formating is likely to be messed up.