Rescue my citations???

Hi guys need a bit of help here.

So my colleague just sent me back an edited version of my manuscript but somehow the citations were all converted into text (he had no idea why). The bibliography and in text citation can still be seen, it’s just that they are no longer regarded as “citation” but only text. Which means that whenever I insert a new citation, it will start counting from [1] again and this just completely screws up my manuscript (I’m using numbered citation style). 

Is there anyway to convert the text back to citation form? I can potentially replace them with citation one by one but it will just take too much time…

Thanks in advance for your help.

Unfortunately, once the Endnote field codes have been removed there isn’t a way to reverse the process. The only thing that can be done is to re-insert the citations.

However, you might consider a workaround using MS Word’s “Compare” function, which enables comparing 2 versions of a document. In your case you would compare a backup copy of your original document (containing the Endnote citations/field codes) against the text version document returned by your colleague (which omits the Endnote field codes). The compare feature will: 1) identify the changes between your original document and the revision, and 2) create a new document which incorporates the changes made by your colleague. The benefit of using the compare function is you would be able to retain most, if not all, of your original Endnote citations. The exception might be if your colleague changed intext citations/references in his revision in which case you may need to manually make adjustments in the new document.

To access the “Compare” function. Go to the MS Word ribbon, click the Review tab, click the “Compare” drop-down menu and select Compare (Compare two versions of a document).

Oh I never knew about the ‘compare’ function!

It is indeed a much quicker way instead of re-inserting >150 citations. Thanks a lot!