Merging Libraries

How do I merge two libraries that are on different computers. I have endnote on my MAC desktop and on my laptop.

You didn’t mention what version of EndNote you’re using but what you could do is save a compressed file of the EndNote library from the first computer (go to the EndNote toolbar, select FILE, COMPRESSED LIBRARY (.enlx)). This procedure will save the complete EndNote libary .enl file and the associated .DATA folder (and contents such as pdfs) into a single compressed file.  You can then copy the compressed file onto a disc, thumb drive (or email it to yourself) then go to the second computer, and unzip the compressed library with EndNote. Then it’s just a matter of copying the references from the unzipped library into the second EndNote library.

For detailed instructions on the complete procedure, refer to the manual or go to “Help” on the EndNote toolbar and search for “compressed library”.

Thank you. I am using V4 and I just want to use the Endnote web because I cannot keep track of my references between desktop, laptop, and Endnote web.