Copying a style file (.ens) to another computer

I use Endnote on two computers, a mac and a PC.

I have had to update the output style for a journal I’m writing for, so I opened the output style in EndNote on my mac and copied it with a new name (let’s call it NewName.ens) and made the necessary updates.  My bibligraphy generated correctly with the changes I’d made.  I would like to now copy my file over to my PC rather than recreate it on the PC.

Firstly, can I copy an output style file from mac to PC?

Secondly, what will the style file be called?  I assumed it would be in the Applications/EndNote/Styles folder and be called “NewName.ens” however there is no file in that folder by that name.  Where does EndNote store these .ens files that I create myself?


The folder that stores custom output styles does not exist until you have created at least one style, but there’s a super quick way you can get the style loaded on the new computer.

Copy the ens file to the PC-put it temporarily somewhere like your desktop if you emailed it, or open it directly from a flash drive…
Double click on the .ens file.
Once this opens in EndNote, go to the File menu and choose “Save as”.
Save the style with the original name (you may need to remove the word “copy” from the end).
Once you have saved the style, you will be able to use it in EndNote, and the custom style folder will now exist.


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Thanks Colin, but the problem is I can’t find the .ens file I created!  

I used Edit>Output Styles in EndNote and edited an existing output style then used “save as” to save it as NewName.ens.  But I can’t find NewName.ens anywhere.  I’ve done a full search of my harddrive using the mac search tools and I just can’t find it.

I know it’s working because the changes I made are reflected in the document.  I can find it within Edit>Output Styles.  But I can’t find the .ens file and that’s the file I need to transfer over to my PC.  

Where is the folder you referred to that is created when I create a custom style?  I can see all the standard styles in the Applications>EndNote X7>Styles folder.  


I know where it is on a PC, but have no idea where on a Mac.  On a PC user edited or downloaded .ens files are saved to the library/endnote/styles folder or my documents/endnote/styles folder depending the operating system.  the originally installed set of output styles lives in and endnote/styles folder in the program folder on the C: drive.  On a Mac it might not automatically have the .ens created as a part of the name, so search for the first part?  I would add the extension before moving it to a PC though. 

Leanne, this helped.  YOu gave me a hint and I was able to find the custom styles in the documents area, not with the application.  Many thanks.