Export Output Style


I have changed my output style on my office PC and I want to install this output style on my home PC.

I can export my output style to install on my home PC?

I have EndNote X5


There are numerous ways for transfering the output style file from one computer to another. First locate the “Styles” folder for EndNote X5 in the Program Files folder and do one of the following steps below.  (Note: If you made any modifications, however, to the output style, the modified style should be in the EndNote folder located in My Documents.)

  1. Copy the output style file (.ens extension) to a medium (e.g., CD, thumb drive, etc.).

  2. Email the output style file to yourself then access the email and file from your home computer.

or from your home computer, go to the EndNote toolbar, click HELP, WEB STYLES FINDER. This will launch your web browser which will go to the EndNote support site where you can locate and download the output style.  

Once the file is on the computer or attached to an email, the easiest way to get it where it belongs, is to double click on the file and endnote will open it, then save as and save it (you can take away the word “copy” automatically added to it and save.  It will now be accessible once you open the styles manager or “show more styles” and locate it in the list.  Once you access it, it should be in the dropdown from then on. 

Tanks Guru!

I apreciate your response

Manuel Pío