Correct record number in unformatted reference, but wrong reference displays in formatted document - help!

EndNote X2 with Word 2008 v. 12.2.8.  Mac OS 10.5.8.  (I installed the X2.0.2 update, which has not fixed the problem): 

I’m at the submission deadline for my dissertation, and have just encountered this maddening problem:

A small number of formatted citations are displaying as the wrong reference.  The correct record number is there when I unformat the citations, and when I select “edit citation/more”, it’s right there too.  But when I format citations in the document, a different reference appears. 

It doesn’t happen in every instance - for example, if Citation A, 1997 is referenced 7 times, five of them will display correctly, but two times, unformatted {Citation A } will display as formatted (Citation B, 2005).

I’ve tried deleting and reinserting an offending reference, but it still displays incorrectly in the same way.

Help!  I’m at my wits’ end.

I always suggest a series of questions, the first few of which you have already done. (unformat and reformat, and reinsert). 

I wondered if your citations are more complex than your examples?  Are there introduced semi-colons or other unusual characters?  What does the full unformated citation in curly brackets really look like for Citation A (in particular the ones the are converted to Citation B).

What  do they look like when you select the formated citation and “edit” it. Is the correct or incorrect refs displayed in the edit dialog? 

What appears if you “show fields” from the word options?  (alt-F9 on a pc). 

Are you 'tracking changes"  – in which case turn them off and accept them all. 

Was the manuscript first created in an older version of Word and/or Endnote? 

but at the end of the day,  I would call Tech Support and ask them to look at your document now.