Reference numbers won't renumber


I’m using Endnote X2 (Bld 3210) with Word 2003 SP3.  References in my paper won’t renumber so that the earlier references have a lower number than later ones (e.g. right now 11 shows up in the paper before 9).  I have tried various things based on reading the manual and searching for solutions online (e.g. I am using “Track Changes” in Word so I’ve made sure I’ve accepted all the changes, and I’ve tried with Tracking on and off).  Tools->EndNote X2->Generate Figure List processes for a little while, but doesn’t result in any changes to the document.

Every citation/reference in the paper was added by selecting the paper(s) in the Endnote window then clicking “Insert Selected Citation(s)” button on the Word toolbar.

Please help!  Redoing the paper from the start would be brutal, this thing is ~50 pages long.



With MS Tracking turned off, did you then try unformatting then formatting the document?  (You can test this on a backup copy of the main document file.)

Have you installed the patch for X2?  Read/download:

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I updated to the latest patch using the EndNote update program, thanks for pointing that out.

Unfortunately that hasn’t solved my problem.  I tried your suggestion of unformating the document and reformating it, but that didn’t cause the reference numbers to update.

I did notice, though, that when the document was unformatted some of the references took on the form of “{Smith, 2010 #28}”, but others did not and instead stayed in the [number] format, i.e. [26] and [2, 4-6].  Does this have any significance?

As an aside, when I do try “Unformat Citation(s)”, my list of references disappears, and doesn’t come back when I click on “Format Bibliography”.  Am I not understanding how to use Endnote properly?


You are using EndNote correctly. What you’ve observed is the “curly bracket” temporary citation {Smith, 2010 #28} which results from the “unformatting” process. The unformatting process also causes the bibliography to “disappear”.  When the citations are formatted, the temporary curly backets are replaced with the proper bracketed citation - which also generates the bibliography.

The purpose of unformatting/formatting the citations is to (hopefully) reset them in the event something sets them “off”.  MS Word’s tracking feature sometimes seems not to sit well with EndNote.

If some of the in-text citations are not changing during th unformatting/reformatting process it might be an issue of possibly corrupt codes or problems with the output style or even library.  You can try to isolate the issue by  first identifying one of the problematic citations that doesn’ update (i.e.,retains the same numbering) after unformatting of the document.  Delete the original citation then insert the citation and see if the numbering updates.

You might also try downloading a fresh new output style in the event the one you’re using is corrupted.

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It looks like my problems are greater than I first thought.  Somewhere along the long I’ve lost about 15-20 references (e.g. the numbers are in the text of the paper [60], [62], etc., but the bibliography stops at 47).   I guess I could go through my backups and try to find out when it started, but to save time (well, to limit it to a known quantity) I’m going to strip the refs out of my paper and start over.

Thanks for the help.