Correctly cite Merriam-Webster (online) in Endnote X4 APA 6


Just wondering how to correctly cite a dictionary, in particular Merriam-Webster (online).

They give the follwing example on their website :

Retrieved May 8, 2011, from

hacker. 2011. In

However if I put it in Endnote I get stuff like this “enhance. (2011).”

What would be the in-text citation look like?


What style are you working with, and what reference type are you trying to use for the Dictionary entry? 

I use APA 6 as style  and  dictionary entry  as type.

Assuming you use the Author field as the “word” you can either change the Reference Type to reflect that and use the following in the Dictionary template (where the * is replaced by the “link adjacent” symbol.  Or leave Word as Author and don’t bother with the Ref Type edit.  (or use the title for the word and adjust the template accordingly).

Attached is an amended style APA 6th-dictionary.ens where the Ref Type for Dictionary was changed to replace the Author  field name as Word. 

Retrieved*Access Date|,*from*URL|*Word|. Year|.*In*Dictionary Title|.

resulting in this

Retrieved March 2, 2011, from hacker. 2011. In

APA 6th dictionary.ens (59.5 KB)

Just a comment about the APA format for online dictionaries.  The format provided on the site (per alexl’s first posting) isn’t following APA 6 guidelines as retrieval dates are no longer needed and the url link should be placed last:

hacker (n.d.). In Retrieved from


I have the same question, (how to reference Merriam but in my case using Harvard formatting.  Can you tell me please?

I googled  

cite merriam webster dictionary in harvard

and found this

Format with no author

Title or encyclopedia entry (Year) In Encyclopedia Title [online] Retrieved from URL [access date]


Hapa haole (2013) In Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary [online] Retrieved from [16 September, 2013].

Crimean War (2013) In Encyclopaedia Britannica Online [online] Retrieved from [16 September, 2013].

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