Reference Type: Dictionary

In the Reference Type for “Dictionary”, there is a field for “Title” and another field for “Dictionary Title”.  Not sure what is the difference between the two.

If we use APA 6th, only the “Dictionary title” will be displayed in the citation, but then it is not in italic. 

If we use Harvard style, both the “Title” and the “Dictionary Title” will be displayed.   The “Dictionary title” is in italic which is OK.

So, should we use the field “Dictionary title” only and if we use APA, we should edit the style to make it display in italic?

“Title” refers to the word or phrase that was looked-up in the dictionary (e.g., "Adelie penguin’). “Dictionary Title” refers to the name of the dictionary (e.g., Merriam-Webster).

Looking at the APA 6th output style’s “Dictionary” template shows the field name “Dictionary Title” is not italicized. This is easily corrected by selecting the field name then clicking on the “I” (italic) button at the top of the output style window. [Note: To open the APA 6th style window go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT APA 6TH.]

Besides italicizing the “Dictionary Title” field, It also looks like the template needs further adjustment to: 1) include the Title field, 2) Include the Editor field (and the word “In”), and 3) rearrange the order of the Title and Year fields. Also note when you modify the output style it will be saved as a copy (i.e., APA 6th Copy) so you’ll need to adjust your EndNote and MS Word settings to use this file instead of the original APA 6th.

Refer to the attached image for the assorted template changes showing an example of the output, along with a sample modified file. If you prefer using the Harvard style instead of the APA 6th you’ll need to update the dictionary template there as well.

APA 6th Copy.ens (61.4 KB)

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