Could not initialize database-- open library from backed up data


I have a backed up data on an external drive, including Endnote(library and pdf files). Now, I’m trying to open my old libary on a new computer. As you guess, i could not open my library correctly. when i click on the library icon, i have the following error:

Could not initialize database support.

clearly, the folder i saved my pdf file has changed now! my question is how can i correct the path to loading corretly  my library?

thanks in advance 

You don’t say which version of Endnote you were using, but your descripition leads me to believe that you haven’t conserved the whole structure of the library and relationship to the .DATA folder which contains other folders.  You can recreate the library from the DATA folder, but not the other way around.  The safest way to back up a library and all its files, is to use the “compress library” command which creates an .enlx file.  X3 has the advantage of allowing one to make a compressed library of part of the library with and without the linked files. 

Dear Sir/Madam

I am using EndNote X1. I have opend my my files last week and did not work with my computer for few days. Now I want to open my previously save EndNote files it sayscould not initialise the database. Can you please help me find its solution?

I am Krishna Karki

Did you try to “recover library”.  That is a pretty old version of Endnote, and not sure where that command is - under tools in X7.  

Do you have a backup of just the .DATA folder?  Remember that the essential data is in that folder.  The .enl file on its own is useless.  – put the old .DATA folder in a new place.  Use notepad or other text only program to create an empty libraryname.enl file with nothing in it in the same folder as the libraryname.DATA folder (not IN the .DATA folder) and try to open that new .enl file.  

Hello Krishna Karki,

This issue can come up when there are issues with temporary files on your computer. If you are on a Windows system, click on the Start menu and select “Search programs and files.” Type in the following and click Enter:


Delete the “EN_DbLinks” folder and if possible, the entire contents of the Temp folder. You may be required to reboot your computer in order to complete this process. Once this is done, see if you can open your library.

I just had a user with the same error “Could not initialize database support”.  His error was casued beause he copied the EndNote X7.exe file to his desktop and ran it from there.