Create reference from saved PDF

I only started using Endnote (I think Version X) very recently. I have hundreds of Journal articles I have saved on my computer as PDFs - I have looked online and in the manual that came with the software - but i cannot find out how to create references for these documents without having to manually enter the information for each item. Please help as I will not be able to use Endnote if it entailed manual re-entry of all this info. Thank you.

SEE this topic - which is still true, but this is still not possible in X3.

It should also be noted that it is still possible to use the Online Search functions to import those references from Database Services.

Assuming you have a subscription to a database service with a robust collection of publications for your discipline…  or are able to search PubMed, or Library of Congress for those items, you may not need to manually enter the information.

With any luck, you can search and import the information from the services available to you.

I hope this helps.



If endnote staff put a video, how to extract metadata from a pdf file or article to endnote reference, that will be very much helpful for us.

we are wasting our time by discussing the matter to make it lengthy.  hope, endnote staff will give a reply.

There is a video that covers the basics of importing into EndNote X4 (including from PDFs) here:

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team