Cross-referencing items in bibliography


I would be grateful to any help on cross-referencing within a bibliography. For example, if I cite a number of different chapters in an edited volume, is it possible to have the bibliographic entry refer to the volume citation, rather than repeating information about the volume in each entry?

So, for example, the entry for a chapter might look like:

Smith (Year). “Article Title.” In Anderson (Year).

And Anderson would have the full citation information.


If you’re citing chapters from an edited volume, are you using the “Book Section” reference type (instead of “Book”)?  The Book Section reference will generate a bibliography listing that displays the chapter author and the editor(s) of the edited book.  So for example (extrapolating and expanding on your Smith and Anderson reference), the EndNote “Book Section” reference will generate the following bibliography entry:

Smith, A.P. (1957). Learning theories in the social sciences. In M.N. Anderson (Ed.), Theoretical frameworks in the social sciences (pp. 281-297). New York: Sage Publications.

This example is based on the APA format so if you’re using a different style there may be some difference.

Right – so I am wondering if there is a way to get the the bibliography output to look as follows:

Smith, A.P. (1957). Learning theories in the social sciences. In M.N. Anderson (1957)…

assuming that Anderson is referenced elsewhere in the bibliography.

I am not familiar with a publication that requests this kind of output, but it is possible.  

What is  not easily achieved is automation that would list the multiple chapters from the same book in the reference list as in your example AND automatically insert the additional book reference itself.  

You would need to insert the book separately (as hidden text or with both the author and year hidden in the citation). Then the template for the book section would have to be changed to reflect just the editor (year) as a part of the output in the reference list.  

If there were a single chapter from a book that you wanted to reference in the more conventional way, it would further complicate matters, requiring different reference types…