Handling a book which is a collection of essays

How should I enter a book which is a collection of essays?  That is, if I am going to cite a particular essay the reference frequently should be title, author, found in book, etc.

How do I enter this so that it formats properly?  I am very new to Endnote, trying to figure it out.



Generally speaking, you would use the Book Section reference type. It depends a bit on the citation style, but usually you will need to enter details for Author (i.e. author(s) of the chapter), Year, Title (i.e. title of the chapter), Editor, Book Title, City, Publisher, Pages (i.e. page range of the chapter).

See this earlier thread about entering references for several chapters from the same book: http://community.thomsonreuters.com/t5/EndNote-How-To/Book-Sections-from-same-Book/m-p/16569/highlight/true#M5458



Concur with John-Arnold that “Book Section” is the appropriate reference type where chapters are written by different authors - so you’ll need to make an EndNote reference for each chapter in the book.  Also If there’s a need to to reference the entire book, you could also do so by creating a reference for: Edited Book.