Upon inserting citation - jumps to references

When I insert a reference, endnote jumps to the references at the end of the document, and doesn’t return to my place. Most distracting and irritating! I clicked under CWYW preferences on “return to document after inserting citations”, but that doesn’t seem to do the trick. Also help and searching through forums hasn’t helped either.

Please help.


See if this FAQ helps:  http://www.endnote.com/support/faqs/CWYW/faq15.asp


I’ve got the same problem, but the solution isn’t really helping. When I follow the crtl+6 step all refernces in the document are deleted - that means that also every chapter, table, figure references are deleted. In the whole document there are more other references then endnote-references, so going through the suggested steps causes more damage than it actually helps… Is there any other possibility to replace the current endnote references with valid endnote references, or at least find out which ones are causing the problems?

greetz nimo

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Then I would first unformat all the endnote references to their curley bracketed state and delete the bibliography which usually remains.  I would save it.  Then I would make sure the paragraph symbols were showing. (hit that funny backwards P in the Word toolbar.  Now select everything except the very last paragraph symbol to a new document.  try reforming the references (reformat paper) and see if that helps. When you do run the format bibliography step, remember to also turn CWYW back on from the appropriate tab in the format bibl menu window. 

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After finishing a couple of case studies, I’ve finally got back to writing! I actually went through the steps a little bit differently.

  1. I exported all the references embedded in the document (travelling library) into a new endnote-database

  2. Then I unformated all references (endnote & word references) as I was told :wink:

  3. Reformated the word references

  4. Updated the endnote references with CWYW

It was a hell of a work to get all references in Word back in place. And going through the endnote references I had to replace every single one through the references in the the new endnote-database since the keys had all changed.

Anyway - all done and works fine now

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the reinsert was because you exported the travelling library and used that to reformat, so the record numbers didn’t match.  I would have recommended first trying the original library…

Well I tried the original library first and it didn’t work properly, since the record numbers weren’t matching there either…

Three people were working on the same document at the same time. What happend is that one of the guys forgot to tell us that he had inserted new refernces, but in the meantime we had inserted different references. So all the record numbers were getting mixed up, and if I would have changed them in the doc, then the other guys with and without the record numbers matching to the document would have had problems - so in the end everything was messed up…

It would make things a lot easier if you could directly manipulate the record numbers, because then you would only have to update those in your database and everything would be fine…Alternatively you should always only use the travelling library when you are working on the same document for that document - I had to experience that the hard way :wink:

Thanks for your help anyway

cheers nimo

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