Frustrating: after CWYW entry curser moves to bottom of document

Have had no problems in many months.  Using Word 2007 and Endnote X1.  When I enter an CWYW entry the reference is inserted in text but then the curser moves to the very bottom of the document.  Any suggestions?

One my patrons had a similar experience - the cursor kept jumping down to the bibliography when she inserted a new reference in document.  It turns out that she had duplicate references in her library, and had deleted the record being referred to in the document. 

I discovered the the source of the problem, when on a copy of her document, I unformatted the citations, generated a bibliography (the library happened to be on memory key), and could not find the correct record in her library.  [She then remembered having deleted some references from her library just before the problem started occurring.]  When we linked to a duplicate of the deleted record, everything was fine - the cursor stayed at the location where the new reference was being inserted, instead of jumping to the bottom of the page.



Unformating and reformating is always the first thing to try, when you encounter a problem.  See this thread for additional info:

Leanne’s right.  When this issue occurs with EndNote, unformatting/reformatting is the first thing you want to try.  Next, you want to ensure that you’re not using Word Comments (in the Track Changes settings).  If you are, delete all comments and try again.  After that, try cleaning out your field codes as per

All very useful suggestions, thank you.  I believe the problem was solved by combination of a couple of these suggestions by unformatting and eliminating confusing entries. 

At one point I had copied my definitions (which had references) to a glossary _below_ my bibliography.   I believe the problem started around this time.  Perhaps EndNote cannot deal with references above and below the bibliography.  In any case, I deleted everything after the biography and the problem cleared up.  

I don’t think it should be a problem using references after the bibliography.  I often have figure legends after the bibliography with references in them, and it hasn’t caused this phenotype.  I think it is usually some sort of corruption in cwyw or the traveling library.