Labeling Custom Fields

When I label a Custom Field using Preferences, Reference Types, Modify Reference Types, it would sure be nice if, when I am selecting fields in Change/Move/Copy Fields, that label would show up next to the Custom <X> field name.

Would also be nice if somewhere the Custom Fields already used by default by the various Reference Types were listed. I needed to label a Custom Field, and apply it to all Reference Types. As luck would have it the default Reference Type (Journal Article) had already used Custom 1 and 2, so I chose to modify Custom 3 and apply it to all reference types. Now I wonder whether some other reference type had already used Custom 3 which I have now overwritten.

By the way, this speaks to the design. One would think that all the fields needed by Endnote for this or that reference type would have their own field designated, just as Author or Date do – and that they would reserve all Custom Fields for our use. You have all the power to add as many fields as you want to use, so why not leave us our own fields that you will not meddle with? That way I would not have to scroll through all the reference types to make sure I am not overwriting a previously used field.

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