Custom reference type issue


I’m having difficulty identifying which tiny symbol I need to use in my custom reference style to stop my reference appearing with the actual words ‘place published’ instead of the name of the place itself ie UK. An example of what it looks like in the response would be great if possible as I have trouble finding the symbols on my keyboard sometimes.

Thanks for any help


Noone knows?

Please help.

on my keyboard  I believe it is left of the number 1, the _grave accent.   _ below  the _~_ (but you can copy it from here too  --- place published`

P.S. you asked after I went home from work and followed up before I woke up this morning!

Thank you so much however it still is not working.

This is the code I have in

Title | Place Published|. Retrieved from:` URL

This is what appears

Copyright Law 1968 Place Published|. Retrieved rom: URL

Note the weird dropped f from the word from???

I need it to look like this

Copyright 1968 (Cth). Retrieved from 

Any idea please?

Can you zip your output style and attached the zipped file to a reply?  (and which ref type this occurs in and whether you have modified any ref types in the preferences).  

Hi Leanne

Thanks again for your help.

I have tried to send the zip file but it won’t upload so I assume it is too big. My output style has been built over the course of my PhD as endnote did not so much of what I needed to include in my APA6th referencing.

For  the copyright ref type (where this problem is occuring) I created a new generic style through preferences and called it Copyright. I have nominated the three fields which I want filled being title, place published and URL.

I then went in and edited the bio template for Copyright to try and bring the ref up correctly which obviously is not working at all.

Thanks again for looking at this.


I solved it with hours of trial and error.

For anyone following this thread here is the code that needed to go in to achieve the reference I need.

Title Place Published|. Retrieved from URL

This produces

Copyright 1968 (Cth). Retreived from 

which is what I needed.

Thanks again for trying to help Leanne.


I doubt it was too big though.  They are not huge files.