Problem with custom reference types+output style and repeated citations

I tried to find a solution to my problem in earlier posts, unfortunately without success. 

So here goes:

I use my own reference types and output style because none of the predefined styles seem to match my requirements. This also keeps my style uncluttered since it only includes what I really need. Unfortunately, there is one thing I cannot seem to achieve. I am looking to create a reference type that - using my own output style - gives me the following result as a reference in a footnote:

First time citation:

George Everyman-Smith, ‚On Being Generic‘, in: Handbook of Mediocrity, ed. by John Jackson, Springfield 1998, 22-47

Repeated citation:

Everyman Smith, ‚Being Generic‘

Repeated citation in immediately subsequent footnote:


I tried to achieve this by defining the reference type as follows:

Author, ‚Title‘, in: Book Title, ed. by Editor of Book, Place Published Year, Pages

This works fine for the first citation, in all repeated citations however I do not just get the short title, as intended, but rather the short title + “in: ed. by”. So it really looks like this:

Repeated citation:

Smith, ‚Being Generic‘, in: ed. by,

Repeated citation in immediately subsequent footnote: ed. by,

I am sure there must be a simple, direct and foolproof way of solving this problem, but apparently I am too dumb to find it.

Help will be appreciated very much.



You need to use the “link adjacent” operator between the word “in:” and the field Book Title, and also between “ed. by” and Editor of Book.  In the Output style manager, use the “Insert” button in the upper right corner to add the “link adjacent” operator.  I also find it helpful to put the backwards apostrophy ` around text to group it together, like this:

Author, ‚Title‘, in:*Book Title, ed. by*Editor of Book, Place Published Year, Pages

Where * indicates the “link adjacent” operator (it appears as a small diamond between the text and field name.)

If Dove’s reply doesn’t fix it entirely, (I think you will also have to add some forced separation operators which look like this |, around the text and field) The easiest way to help, is if you attach your style and we  can look at it and perhaps even modify it and post it back.