Terms list usage for XML export

I have imported the term list (journals) from the Queensland library (thanks for that!) and set it up to use in endnote. It seems to work pretty well however there seem to be some limitations.

Before I knew about terms lists I just used scopus/pubmed for citation importing. That worked fine but the journal names would get imported with some full names and some abbreviations. Understanding the term lists has helped as now the citations get imported using the full title as I want. 

But for exiting citations (~2500) even if I set the output style to full title it only works for subject bibliographies and text file exports. I do an XML export and it does not give full title, even when using the same output style that will give correct information if I export as text file. Also the preview window does not display the full title either.

Any ideas on this? Or is is just a limitation to term lists?


XML export is independent of the output style. As I understand it, the XML export just takes the data in your library and exports it according to the EndNote Document Type Definition for XML, which you will find in the XML Support folder of the EndNote Program Files.

But the Preview Pane should work. If you have selected a style which is configured to use the journal term lists, previewing a reference will make the appropriate changes to the journal title.