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I have Ref 11 and it reports references with two authors with an ampersand and no comma before the ampersand using APA 5.

How do I customize the reference list to always insert a comma (and space) before the ampersand when there are two authors?

For example:

It reports     Armitage,C. & Conner,M. (2001)…

when I need it to report     Armitage,C., & Conner,M. (2001).



To customize the author separators that are associated with a particular output style-

1.  Open Reference Manager 11.

2.  Click on “Tools>Bibliography>Open Output Style…”.

3.  Find your style on this list and then double click on its name.

4.  When the Edit Style window appears, click on the “Bibliography” tab.

5.  From the Bibliography tab, choose the desired reference type definition that you would like to change.

6.  After clicking on a particular reference type, click on the “Properties” drop down menu and choose “[04] Authors…”.

7.  When the properties window for [04] Authors appears, choose the “Separators” tab to remove the unwanted separator between two authors and add what you’d like to replace it with.

8.  Once you’ve made the desired change, save the newly edited output style, close the Edit Style window and reformat your document.

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