Adding a space between studies in multiple citations

Dear all

I hope you might be able to help.  I want to make citations in the following form:

I said this (author1, 2010; author2, 2009).

Instead when I use multiple citations I have to do them as follows:

I said this (author1, 2010;author2, 2009).

Drawing your attention to the fact that there is no space between the two references within the brackets.

If I go back and edit in a space - this gets changed back again automatically and if I put my own space in whilst I am citing I get:

I said this (author1, 2010) (author2, 2009)

And I obviously want the multiple citations within one pair of brackets.  Additional information: I am using Reference Manager 11 on Windows XP.

I hope I’ve made my problem clear.  I’d be greatful of any help.


This has to be changed in the Output Style file. In the Citation Template there is a place at the bottom for you to enter a multiple citation separator. Make sure that the semi-colon is followed by a space.

Edit -> Output Styles -> Open Style Manager, select the one you want to edit  -> Citations -> Templates, and you should see that box at the bottom. Re-save the style with a new name.

Thank you that works perfectly - although I had to do it a different way - I think probably as a function of the version of the software I have.

But for anyone who is interested:

tools -> bibliography -> open output style -> (navigate to journal) -> in-text citation settings -> citation sperator (add a space after semicolon).