Customizing the Reference Panel

I often data-enter new references manually, for various reasons. To that end, it would be super helpful to be able to customize the Reference Panel for data entry purposes. The panel has a lot of fields, many of which I never use. As a result, I usually have to either tab through the fields, or lift my hands off the keyboard and use the mouse to switch fields. Being able to disable particular fields would save time and trouble.

Also, being able to reorder the fields would be helpful.

Finally, the list of reference types includes many that I never use. Being able to customize that list by disabling unused reference types would make creating new references simpler.


If you modify a ref type (in preferences) and put a period at the beginning of the name, it will hide the ref type (at least in X9.3 and earlier).  You can also remove/delete an individual field name by editing a ref type, and it won’t appear (unless the field already contains information in a pre-existing record and then it will show that info, with the generic field name in that record).  

But rearranging the order of the fields has been a long time request and early on when developers actually spoke to us users, they indicated that this was difficult due to the database structuring.