Cut and paste causes lock up


I am experiencing an ongoing problem when trying to cut and paste (to a new location in the same document) a paragraph of my work which contains Endnote citations.

The cut works fine and the paste appears to (ie the text appears at the new location) but my cursor turns into a blue circle and won’t finish whatever it seems to be doing.

I can still use the computer to do other things (ie get out to the internet) but I can’t do anything within the Word.doc.  I have to go to Task Manager and end the task which means I lose any unsaved changes.

This only happens when the paragraph contains Endnote citations.  This is really frustrating and I would appreciate guidance on how I can move paragraphs in my work without this glitch.


What version of EndNote are you using? What version of Mac or Windows? Is the EndNote library open while you’re cutting and pasting?

Have you tried:

  1. Using a new MS word doc and testing if cutting and pasting causes the same problem. You might use a specific section of text;


  1. unformatting the citations, 2) cutting and pasting the sections, then 3) formatting the citations?


thanks.  I’m using Windows 8 and Endnote X6.

Not sure what you meant by ‘unformatting’ then ‘reformatting’ the citations ??

Thanks for the info. BTW there’s an update for EndNote X6 – so have you updated your software?   Go to the EndNote toolbar, select Help > EndNote Program Updates.

To unformat citations, make a backup copy of your document as a precaution then locate the EndNote tab in the MS Word ribbon, click “Convert Citations and Bibliography” then click “Convert to Unformatted Citations” – see attached image.

What version of Word.  I don’t see X6 as listed as Word 2013 compatible? – although the online version can handle it.  

Thanks so much - will try and let you know.


I am using Word 2010.

Have you gone thru the steps that CG outlined above (or below depending on your forum setup)? If this is still not solved I highly recommend you contact tech support by phone on Monday.  Without looking at the document, I doubt we can help. 

Thanks - this worked!:smiley: