Cutting and pasting text in Word 2007 that contains Endnote references

I am having problems when working on a Word 2007 document that contains Endote references. If I cut any text in the document that contains an Endnote reference, after a few seconds the reference list updates and moves my cursor to the bottom of my reference list at the end of the document. This makes it difficult to cut and paste sections of my (long) document as the page freezes while the reference list is updated and moves my cursor from the section of the document within which I was working. I am working with Endnote X2. This problem does not happen when I work on other Word documents that contain references to the same Endnote library but it always happens on this particular document even after saving and re-opening. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be? Any advice would be gratefully received.

Have you tried looking at this FAQ?

Dear Leanne

Thanks very much for your reply. This seems to have sorted the issue. This had been plaguing me for a while so thank you very much!